Past Workshops

Journal making/Sketchbooking

Painting from within (Weekend course)

Making Recycled Textile Art 

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Family Eco-Art Wellness Workshops

As much as we love the summer for activities, the winter can get a little sad. These week or weekend residentials aim to  bring families together for relaxation, health and creativity. The program includes beginners drawing classes, recycled and natural art making and week prices cover accommodation at YHA Llanddeusant and 3 nutritious meals each day.

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Please call 01550740168 or email us for availability and booking. Non-Peak discounts available for home-ed groups.

YHA_Llanddeusant_GardenJournal making/Sketchbooking


Learn loads of techniques for starting or improving your journal. If you’re having trouble starting those blank pages or wanting to push yourself further, this one day or weekend course will have your sketchbooks looking fab in no time.

Painting from within 



This course joins meditation, yoga and art practices to awaken the creativity within. With no focus on the final artwork and trying to remove the judgement adult artists often have, the weekend will focus entirely on process. This course is for those who have never picked up a pencil to professional artists who want to reawaken their creativity. £40 All materials and lunches provided. (£50 to donate to the pay-it-forward scheme)

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Please call 01550740168 or email us for availability and booking.

Making Recycled Textile Art 


This course shares tricks and techniques of making unique artworks from items normally chucked away. Basic sewing techniques can be introduced, but there will be a lot to learn for experienced sewers too.  Some materials provided although the more varied things and ideas you can bring with you the better.

Please call 01550740168 or email us for availability and booking.

Christmas Wreath Making

at The Hangout in Llandeilo


Make beautiful unique natural Christmas wreaths and decorations for your home, using skills you have and learning new stuff too.

Please call 01550740168 or email for booking